キタ(゚∀゚)ッ!! US$7.99だってさ。Pinkのは最強だな....(笑)
ThinkGeek :: HTTPanties:
We thought it sure would be handy if life came with status codes, but since it doesn't, we did the next best thing and printed them on stuff you wear. But not just any old stuff - we had to try something different, and print them on undies. So we bring you HTTPanties for the discriminating woman who would prefer a web-savvy and somewhat-direct approach in the romance department.

Seven Degreesらしからぬネタですが、たまにはいいっしょ。


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ちゃめ さんのコメント...

 二枚目のT シャツは間違い(米兵→米英)でしょうか(笑)。

xpotechi さんのコメント...

HTTPantyは男性用のが販売されないかなと思っておりますです。「409 Conflict」とか(笑)