Google Related Links

Google Related LinksがGoogle Labからリリースされた。そのページに関係するニュース、ウェブページ、サーチをAdsenseのような形で、デザインや形を選んで表示させることができる。

早速、当ブログのSide Barに置いて試してみました。うーむ、日本語だと「Web Pages」タブが表示されないなあ。もう少し調べてみよう。
Google Related Links:
Google Related Links use the power of Google to automatically bring fresh, dynamic and interesting content links to any website. Webmasters can place these units on their site to provide visitors with links to useful information related to the site's content, including relevant news, searches, and pages.

Google Related Links:
Can I get paid to place Related Links on my site?

Not at this time. We hope that with this product, you can make your site even more useful to your visitors by providing them with links to information they are interested in.


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