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Google Europe, Africa, Middle East(中東)が、2000人の社員にGoogleロゴ入りの自転車&ヘルメットを配布したって。Alternative Transportation Day記念だそうだ。羨ましい...。
Google offers free bicycles to staff | Technology | Guardian Unlimited Technology:
Google is improving its green credentials by offering all of its employees a free bike to ride to work.

The bikes, manufactured by Raleigh Europe, will be offered to around 2,000 permanent employees of the search engine giant in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. All of the bikes - plus free helmets - will be branded with the Google name.
Google ItalyのオフィシャルブログGoogle Blogoscopedの記事に各々写真が掲載されている。うー、ええなあー、イタリアのヒト、とっても嬉しそう...。FOTUNE誌の「働きたい会社No.1」のことだけはある。


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Google iPodもお忘れなく。

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For pictures of the Google Bike taken in the Amsterdam office of Google Nl, check here:

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Remco, Thanks for comment! It would be nice if we could buy it on Google store ;)