AmazonがCDNビジネスに進出するようだ。といっても単独ではなく、S3やEC2などのコンピューティング・クラウドの延長として。GigaOMでは「破壊的」と評価している。「本を買うようにCDNサービスを買える(API-based CDN)」という点と「価格」の2点からだ。さらにAmazonがやる場合は既存のAWSユーザーを取り込めるという優位性も有する。
Amazon Launches Content Delivery Network. Rivals, Watch Out! - GigaOM:
If Amazon delivers what it is promising -– a simple, API-based CDN – then it would put then not only ahead of all CDN players, but also force rivals to meet the rules (and pricing) set by Amazon. There is a good chance that it’s going to drive weaker players right out of the game.
Before the end of the year we are planning to release a new service for content delivery. This new (and as yet unnamed) service will provide you with a high performance way to distribute popular, publicly readable content to your customers all over the world, with low latency and high data transfer rates.

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