ChaCha - ライブ人力検索


ChaChaでは、はてなやYahoo Answer等のように不特定の人が回答するのではなく、1人の検索のプロ(ガイドと呼ばれる)がリアルタイムにチャットウィンドウ(IMと言ってもいい)で答えるのだ。ガイドには4レベルある。「apprentice」「pro」「master」「elite」。ChaChaはガイドにおおよそ時給$5~$10を支払う。最高は時給$20くらい支払われるとのこと。また、ガイドは他のガイドを紹介することで、紹介したガイドの稼ぎ10%を貰えるらしい。
Rethinking Google's system / Human-powered search premieres:
Users will connect to a live guide via instant messenger from the ChaCha home page. After a connection is made, within 1 minute or less, the user can ask all kinds of questions of their guides until they get the information they need. The guides, who are organized by their areas of knowledge, will pass on information and Web site addresses that will appear on the user's screen.

実際のやりとりはこんな感じだそうだ。一般人にはかなりウケそうな感じがする。しばらくは要注目のサイトかな? それに、煽ってくる奴とか、エロ会話に持ち込む奴にはどう対処するのかという興味もね(笑)
New Engine 'ChaCha' Offers Real-Time Answers From Live 'Guides':
Guide: Welcome to ChaCha! Please wait a moment while I search for your results.
Guide: Please hold a moment.
Guide: I will find a good result for you.
You: still looking?
Guide: I appreciate your patience while I find exactly what you need.
Guide: I am looking for details on kid-friendly hotels.
You: thanks
Guide: I have found several but will soon have one that is well-suited for your search.
Guide: Do you want 5, 4, or 3 stars?
Guide: hotel rating that is.
You: how about most stars for under $200 per night
Guide: OK - one moment.
Guide: how many beds?
You: 2
Guide: ok.
Guide: Kids stay free at these.
You: okay, thanks
Guide: Let me check on the rates.
Guide: The nice thing is that these both have full suites.
Guide: So if you are with kids, you have refridge, etc...
Guide: Is that good for you?


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