The first metro line in Hanoi

個人的に興味があったのでポスト。へぇ、Hanoi Daewoo Hotelの前も通るのかー。あのバイク軍団はあれはあれで残るんだろうなあ。

SYSTRA General Consultant for the First Metro Line in Hanoi:
The line will be 12.5 km long and will run from the Nhon terminus, which houses the depot and maintenance facility, to Hanoi Central station. The line runs on elevated section for most of its route and then goes underground close to the city centre until it reaches the station, a distance of 2.9 km. There are plans for 15 stations. As General Consultant, SYSTRA’s role will be to provide all the design studies, prepare the request for tenders to be held in 2008, assess the bids, oversee construction and the manufacture of rolling stock and provide assistance with the commissioning, launch and operation of the service.

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